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Filipino Community
in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Launched : April 5,1998

Mabuhay! This page is provided for the
Filipino Community in Malaysia
to exchange addresses and other information.

The description of my page is:

Filipino Community in Malaysia Homepage:
a page for Filipinos visiting or residing in Malaysia to keep in touch with
the latest up-dates, activities, plans,etc.

Page far

This page is under construction.

Email Sally Cuenca-Sta. Maria with suggestions, additional email addresses, etc.

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MALFIL Association - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malfil consists of Filipinos married to Malaysians or foreigners residing in Malaysia. Malfil is celebrating it's 15th anniversary with a dinner bash on April 25 at 7 PM at the Holiday Villa, Subang. A Cultural show will be performed by the talented members. There will be a lucky draw and raffle tickets will be sold. Interested parties who wish to purchase tickets can contact Malfil's President Juliet Chin at 2530818 or Vice-president Bing Lee at 7036467.

Asean Ladies Circle

The Asean Ladies Circle or ALC consists of ladies from the Asean region who are residing in Malaysia. They are mostly attached to the Asean Embassies and have monthly affairs hosted alternatively by the Asean groups of Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, & Thailand.

MAHJONG Gang - Filipina's favorite pasttime

Yes, if you're a true blue pinay and play mahjong, then you'll enjoy these ladies' company in their regular session of mahjong. The "bisaklat" mahjong girls consists of Bing, Lea, Evelyn, Malou, Corro, Peachy, Joji, Lani, Elena, "Manay", Ging, and yours truly. If you're interested in joining our friendly games, contact Bing at 7036467. As the saying goes...............the more the merrier!!!!

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