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Survey : CKS Class of '76 25th Reunion

Hi fellow classmates,

Our reunion is 3 years away, but with all of us scatterred around the globe, there's a need to make a consensus of Where, When, & How to Celebrate our 25th Reunion. It may take us a year from now just to finally decide on where it will be!! (If not longer.......)

Bobby Hukom has made a bid to have it in Manila. He is well equipped with travel, hotel, and relevant connections plus an added reliable support group from his staff. The Philippines has alot of great tourist resorts as well plus the US$ will go quite a distance. It's a shopper's paradise for bargains and full of musical nightlife activities to be entertained with (ballroom dancing, karaoke, live show bands, etc and all very affordable. But it remains to be seen if the distance for the majority to travel will deter them from attending.

Secondly, the Okinawa group has made a bid to have it held there again. They were successful in the planning and organizing of the 20th Reunion and will have no problems in doing it again. But then again, others may feel that there has to be a change in venue for varitey.

The Los Angeles group, I presume, are flexible about the venue while nothing has been heard from the Hawaii group. And questions about whether they're keen in organizing it.

So it's time to get the ball in motion. Kindly fill up the questionnaire and the results can be viewed by all of us simultaneously. That way, we can make a decision on where the 25th Reunion will be held. Hopefully we have a great turn-out and only then will it be very memorable.

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