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Net2Phone's Information

Net2Phone is a new technology which makes it possible to place domestic and international calls from a personal computer to any telephone in the world. Developed by IDT Corporation, a global innovator of telecom and Internet services, Net2Phone is by far the most advanced telecommunications application harnessing the global power of the internet.

How Net2Phone works

Net2Phone enables any Internet user with a sound-equipped PC to initiate calls from a computer and transmit them over the Internet to IDT's central telephone switch. The switch instantly and automatically relays the call to the destination - a telephone. The result is real time, uninterrupted, full duplex voice communication between two parties.

Net2Phone benefits

Net2Phone dramatically reduces telephone bills by up to 95% off the cost of traditional long distance calls.

Because the signal is carried over the Internet until it reaches IDT's US-based phone switches, rates are not dependent upon the country of origin. In effect, all calls originate in the US. This means users pay as little as 10 cents a minute for calls to the United States - from anywhere in the world.

With Net2Phone, any phone can be reached via a PC. No longer are users limited to PC-to-PC technology which requires both parties to have access to multimedia equipped computers running identical software. It is no longer necessary for both parties to be online at the time of the call either by coincidence or pre-arrangement. Only the caller needs a PC with an Internet connection. The caller can use any ISP (including IDT) to reach any party.

Moreover, unlike other PC-to-Phone technology, Net2Phone does not require the purchase of any servers at the phone location. The only charge is for the call itself.

US businesses with (800) or (888) numbers can use Net2Phone to expand their customer base globally. With Net2Phone most (800) or (888) number becomes a universal toll-free number, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Why IDT is positioned to offer Net2Phone

As the pioneer in low cost telecommunications alternatives, IDT began offering a callback program in 1991. Callback allows businesses and residents to benefit from significant savings on their telephone and fax services.

The company's visionary technology enabled international users to access US carriers and bypass the much higher rates charged by most national telephone monopolies. In 1994, IDT entered the Internet access business, offering full service access to the Internet. In creating Net2Phone, IDT combines the dual success of its international telecom services and its domestic Internet program to enable you to affordably call from your PC to any conventional telephone.

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