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Downloading & Installing Problems
"site is empty"
"DNS not ready"
"FTP session never comes up"
CRC error
VOP9Ma4e, VOP9M8ri, VOP9Maq9, unsupported
After I ran the program, all letters appeared as funny characters




Downloading & Installing Problems
"site is empty"
The message, "the site is empty," is a temporary message. Please attempt to visit our site again and attempt to re-download. If the problem continues, e-mail with a request to receive the Net2Phone software via e-mail.

"DNS not ready:"
If, when downloading, you receive the message, "DNS not ready", attempt to download again. If the problem persists, please check with your Internet provider.

"The FTP session never comes up:"
If, when trying to download the Net2Phone software, the FTP session does not come up, you may go directly to our FTP site at: . If that still does not work, e-mail to receive the software via e-mail.

"CRC error"
Try re-downloading.

VOP9Ma4e, VOP9M8ri, VOP9Macl, VOP9Maq9, unsupported
Re-download again and please make sure no applications are open at the time.

After I run the program, all letters appear as funny characters.
Please re-download the software.

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